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Join Michigan HomeCare & Hospice Association (MHHA) Today And Benefit From Many Services Including:

  • Top-notch educational programming including Workshops, Conferences  and webinars.
  • MHHA represents home care industry legislatively both here in Michigan and in Washington, D.C. MHHA acts as a liaison between the home care industry and many state and federal agencies:  MILARA, Medical Services Administration, NGS, BCBS, CGS Region B DMERC.
  • MHHA offers many networking opportunities with colleagues.
  • MHHA offers participation in many forums and Committees.
  • Monthly Committee Bulletin Board Publication.
  • Yearly Membership Directory and Resource Guide.
  • Infusion Therapy Guidelines
  • Psych/Mental Health Services in Home Care Modules for Teaching Non-mental Staff
  • Opportunity to participate and support the Political Action Committee.

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