Refunds, Chargebacks, and Fees Policy

All services are provided subsequent to payment and are non-refundable, unless otherwise specifically stated and agreed to by both parties. We reserve the right to cancel your Account at any time with or without notice. Violations of the Terms of Use will waive any refund policy.

If you ever feel that Michigan Home Care incorrectly charged your Account or credit card you must contact us for a correction. If you do contact your credit card company and issue a chargeback then you will be responsible for any chargeback fee.

If your payment by check is returned for any reason you are subject to a $25.00 Returned Check Fee.

In the event that your Account or Service is suspended service for non-payment, Michigan Home Care reserves the right to charge a Reactivation Fee.

If your Account becomes past due for any reason, including a declined, returned, or late payment your Services and/or Account may be suspended or terminated, regardless of delinquency. Michigan Home Care may, as a courtesy, send a warning notice prior to disconnection but shall not be required to do so.

Additional fees may be defined and assessed within the Terms of the Michigan Home Care policy.