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Code of Ethics



One purpose of the Michigan Home Care (Michigan Home Care) is to develop and promote high standards of patient care and business practice in the provision and delivery of home health care services. In the process of bringing essential services to those in need, the Association and its members seek to establish and retain the highest level of public confidence. The provisions of this Code are informational and represent conduct which the Michigan Home Care desires of its members.


Professional codes of ethics are statements encompassing rules that apply to persons in professional roles, voluntarily adopted by the group themselves.


  1. To inform the Michigan Home Care members of acceptable guidelines for ethical conduct for home health agencies and their staffs.
  2. To inform the Michigan Home Care members that they are expected to abide by all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. To remind Michigan Home Care members and other home health professionals and agencies that Michigan Home Care and its members strive for integrity and ethical standards in the provision and delivery of home health services.
  4. Patient Rights and Responsibilities:

Michigan Home Care members shall conduct their business activities ethically and in accordance with the adopted “Statement of Patient Rights and Responsibilities”. Members will also provide a mechanism for addressing patient care ethical issues.


  1. Relationship to Other Provider Agencies and Organizations:
    1. The principal objective of home care agencies is to provide the best possible care to patients.
    2. Agencies shall honestly and conscientiously and ethically cooperate in coordination of referral information and shall work collaboratively with other health care providers, education institutions, and payor sources to assure comprehensive services for patients.
  2. Responsibility to Michigan Home Care:
    1. Members shall participate and contribute talent to foster a dynamic, progressive organization from which all members can benefit professionally.
    2. The Bylaws and policies of Michigan Home Care reflect mutual cooperation among members in attaining goals that assure quality care for patients, families, and significant others. The members of Michigan Home Care shall abide by those Bylaws and policies.
  3. Fiscal Responsibilities:
    1. The amount of service billed is consistent with the amount and type of service provided.
    2. The agency charges include only legitimate expenses.
  4. Marketing and Public Relations:
    1. Oral and written statements will accurately represent the agency’s services, benefits, costs, and capabilities.
    2. Agencies which promote their services in the public media shall portray a positive image of home care in general.
    3. The content of advertising will be guided primarily by the criteria of truth; false or misleading statements are unethical.
    4. The focus of marketing and public relations activities should emphasize the individual agency’s strengths and not competitor’s differences.
    5. Information or printed materials prepared by the Michigan Home Care shall be used to promote home care in general and not to construe endorsement of an individual member.
  5. Personnel:
    1. Agency members shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
    2. Members shall have written personnel policies available to all staff.
    3. Members shall provide an ongoing evaluation process for all staff.
    4. Members shall hire qualified staff and utilize them at the level of their competency.
    5. Members shall provide supervision to all staff.
    6. Member shall provide continuing education and in-service training for all staff.
    7. Member shall strive to maintain adequate staffing to meet specified needs of the patient.
    8. Members shall provide a mechanism to address ethical, cultural, or other personnel generated issues.


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