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Hospice & Facilities Contractual Relationships: Actions to Take & Traps to Avoid

Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 3:00pm to Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 4:30pm Webinar/Teleconference
Hospices have contracts with skilled-nursing facilities and hospitals to provide general inpatient and respite care to hospice patients. The OIG regularly examines the financial and referral relationships between hospices and facilities and recently expanded its focus to include assisted-living facilities. There is concern that contracts may disguise kickbacks, that hospices may admit patients who are not terminally ill, and that patients will be kept on service for long periods as part of a hospice/facility relationship.


Hospice providers need to be aware that they are no longer beyond suspicion with the OIG.  This webinar will address the increased scrutiny and risks that arise with facility relationships.  Noncompliance can lead to lost reimbursement, whistleblower lawsuits, and criminal investigations.


  • Trends leading to increased scrutiny of hospice/facility relationships
  • OIG's concerns about these relationships due to fraud alerts, bulletins, and other red flags
  • Key contract risk areas, such as fair market value
  • GIP and respite contract requirements
  • Anti-kickback statute safe harbor
  • Compliance strategies, including structuring compliant contracts, educating staff, and avoiding providing "freebies" to facilities
    • Sample noncompliance form letter
    • Links to resources and reference materials


This informative session will benefit owners, executives, compliance officers, administrators, nursing directors, marketing staff, management, and staff who provide services in facilities.

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