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COVID- 19 Series - Emergency Preparedness, Infection Control and More!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 11:30am to Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 1:00pm Webinar/Teleconference


Part 1 - COVID-19:  Emergency Preparedness for a Pandemic – What Your Agency Needs to Know!

Healthcare is currently facing a Pandemic called COVID 19.  How prepared is your organization to handle a pandemic?   This webinar will take you through current information on the novel COVID-19 virus.  We will discuss conducting a risk assessment for both your patients and staff, mitigation, how to provide education and training to your staff, patients, and the community.  This webinar will also help your agency assess any potential gaps in your Emergency Preparedness Plan and dealing with a pandemic. A Tabletop Exercise will be discussed to help you conduct a gap analysis of your plan to identify any updates required to keep you compliant with the latest CMS guidelines.  You will be provided with the latest up to date recommendations to optimize your Emergency Plan and policies related to Infection Control and Prevention. 

Goals and Objectives of the Webinar upon completion

  • Identify any gaps in your Emergency Preparedness Plan for COVID-19.
  • Use a variety of tools recommended to assess your high-risk patient population, staff and healthcare facilities that serve your patient population.
  • Explain the responsibilities of your organization to the public, patients, and staff in a pandemic situation.
  • Distinguish between what are your immediate strategic steps to prepare for this current public health crisis and what are ongoing strategic steps to handle this crisis.

Part 2 - Infection Control & Prevention COVID 19 - Implementing a Comprehensive Surveillance Program

Healthcare is currently facing a Pandemic called COVID 19.  Has your agency set up a comprehensive surveillance program to support your infection control program during the novel COVID-19, a pandemic risk?  This webinar will teach your organization the necessary components to an Infection Control & Prevention surveillance program during a pandemic with a focus on novel COVID-19.  Discussed are components in surveillance during a pandemic, what data you should collect, what trends to pay attention to and what actions to implement in your agency for both patients and staff.   We will also review how to integrate your data and findings into your agency’s reports.

Goals and Objectives of the Webinar upon completion:

  • Define how to establish and implement a comprehensive surveillance program during the novel COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Define higher areas of risk to incorporate into your surveillance plan.
  • Distinguish which assessment tools to incorporate into your surveillance program.
  • Know how to integrate and report infection control surveillance data

Part 3 - COVID-19 Best Practices - Patient Care, Staff Protocols, Containment and Contact Tracing

COVID 19 is presenting all of those within Healthcare to practice within a “new normal”.  Is your agency prepared to address all aspects of this new normal? This webinar will identify best practice policies, procedures and processes that should be implemented by your agency as we embrace our new normal.  Discussed are best practices for staff, patients, and the public.  Presented will be the use of technology as a tool, syndromic surveillance, a designated COVID-19 team, and your agencies role in contact tracing.  Best practice’s for communicating and supporting patients, staff, providers, and the public will be addressed. 

Goals and Objectives of the Webinar upon completion:

  • Define the role Hospice, Palliative Care and Home Health will play within the CoVID-19 new normal.
  • Define the role and responsibility of contact tracing.
  • Explain key policies and procedures your agency must have in place
  • Identify the critical steps required to implement best practices within a pandemic and after.

Kathy Ahearn, RN, BSN, PHN - Ahearn Advisement Partners

Kathy Ahearn has both a Bachelor’s in Nursing and Social Work, serving the healthcare community for over 30 years.  She owns and operates Ahearn Advisement Partners located in Encinitas, CA.  Kathy has worked in a variety of post-acute care settings with an emphasis on home health and hospice, home infusion, homecare and skilled nursing.  She has a unique ability to identify agency challenges and opportunities quickly providing education, support and mentoring to organizations guiding them to a new level of operation.

Kathy started her Nursing career in Oncology and helped to develop pain scales with the American Pain Society and The Joint Commission.  She has been ahead of the curve working in retail pharmacy working on accreditation and reimbursement for disease states.  She has worked in medical device as a Managed Care Director developing one of the first real-time cloud-based disease specific (diabetic) software programs to assist patients, clinicians, and managed care organizations improve outcomes and collect data.

Kathy pursued an interest in healthcare due to a disabled parent.  She has experienced healthcare professionally and personally (mother and daughter) dedicating her life to improving patient quality of life.   She is continually working as a change agent for the betterment of all served in healthcare.

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